Juliet Gibson MD... or just Juliet for y'all

I’m a Los Angeles native living and working in Dallas as a Dermatology resident by way of Stanford University and Yale School of Medicine.  Clearly, I'm a total nerd when it comes to the skin.  

But this blog is more about the balance.  I'm a doctor, specifically a dermatologist in training, but I'm also obsessed with big salads, hard workouts, sweaty yoga classes, long lasting lipstick, and a great purse.  This blog is about my life which has its ups and downs.  Most recently, I’ve been dealing with infertility and IVF as my husband and I are both carriers of Gaucher Disease. I always find that sharing parts of myself with my patients draws us closer, so I figure why not let you see the side of me that isn't in a perfectly pressed white coat.

I hope this blog inspires you in so many parts of your life (like it inspires mine!)  Reach out if you have any topics you'd like me to cover!